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Providing the best flat roofs, balconies and living roofs in Essex and Kent

If you are in need of a flat roof in Kent or Essex, then look no further. We can provide you with the highest quality and finish of flat roofs in a variety of different materials and finishes. No matter the size or shape, we will always endeavor to provide you with the highest quality flat roofs that meet your personal specifications and needs. 

We can also build for you the best and most stable balconies for you property. A balcony can provide an elegant and interesting feature that connects your home to the outdoors. If you are interested in a balcony, enquire today. 

a sleek grey flat roof with a black modern chimney and a skylighta balcony with a glass wall on a concrete floor with a drainage area on the floor




Save on your energy bills, help the environment and turn heads with a bespoke living roof. 

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a living roof on top of a flat roof kitchen room



Help the environment and save on your bills with a living roof


Living roofs are emerging as an eco-friendly, sustainable and attention-grabbing alternative to conventional roofing finishes. Beyond the obvious green benefits, green roofs dramatically increase your property's insulation and provide a degree of natural climate control for year-round comfort. They're also cheaper and easier to maintain, particularly in the event of adverse weather.








Our team of builders in Hornchurch and Kent are experienced in all areas of living roof installation.

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