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Technical knowledge, complete flexibility
and unparalleled experience

Bayview Property Services provides the Essex and Kent areas with comprehensive building services of the highest quality.




Our founders, Richard Bearsby and Douglas McShane, have worked in construction since the age of 16 across a range of trades and positions. This has allowed them to get a sense of the areas of construction they particularly excel at, as well as establishing a network of contacts.

Richard then went on to broaden the scope of his knowledge by working as a property developer. These 15 years of refurbishing and breathing new life into properties taught him what makes a property special, how to make the best use of limited space and how to make the best use of a budget.


 a modern white house with circular and slanted windows by the sea



We have the building experience, you have the vision

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Bayview Property Services bridges the gap between conventional construction and property development

A background in construction meets technical knowledge in Bayview Property Services. We aim to be the premier construction company for new builds in Hornchurch, Essex and Kent. We pair an in-depth understanding of architecture and interior design with the practical considerations that only decades of hands-on construction work can provide.

If you need bespoke, flexible and friendly builders in Hornchurch then look no further. Get in touch to arrange a free no-obligation quote.


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Flexibility informed by experience

Together, Richard and Douglas have over 50 combined years of industry experience across every imaginable field of construction. Our experience allows us to specialise into the areas of construction we're skilled at and passionate about.

We don't discriminate by size, complexity or budget. Every job we undertake receives our equal care and attention. Some clients come to us with only the vaguest concepts of what they want built, while others simply need trained hands to bring their vision to life.

We don't railroad our clients into restrictive boxes with limitations and remits. Every quotation we provide is a fully bespoke package, depending on your budget and vision.

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Our quotation process

Every project begins with an on-site visit to get to know you and what we'll be working with. We'll sit down with you to discuss what you're envisioning for your property, what you've done so far and any constraints or restrictions we need to bear in mind. We'll also take a look at any blueprints or preliminary drawings you might have.

a full house with large windows and a decking



a brick front porch with two square beds growing shrubbery and bonsai

We don't leave anything ambiguous

Everything will come together in the proposal, which lays out the costs involved, materials and building regulation to give you a final price. Nothing is left up to chance, nor do we try and sneak in extra fees or upsells.

Of course, no two quotations are the same. Depending on how far you are with the design process we might leave certain things out or include additional services like architectural design.

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If you need the services of a flexible construction company with the experience to work on a wide range of projects, including new builds in Hornchurch, get in touch to arrange a free quote.

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The areas we serve

As you might have picked up from the name, though we have roots and heritage as builders in Hornchurch we also cover Essex, and the Kent coast. We're as at home redecorating a studio apartment as we are constructing beachfront properties. Indeed, our largest project to date was the construction of 10 seafront apartments in Herne Bay.

We generally cover:


  • Romford
  • Upminster
  • Southend-on-Sea
  • Chelmsford

  • Brentwood
  • Rayleigh
  • Basildon
  • Grays


  • Whitstable
  • Herne Bay
  • Margate
  • Ramsgate
  • Broadstairs
  • Canterbury
  • Tankerton
  • Deal

If you're slightly out of our range, please still feel free to get in touch to book a free quote.
We might be able to work something out for you.

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Living roofs - an environmentally friendly option

One lesser-known and rarely-offered project we're particularly enthusiastic about are living roofs. Far more than just a characterful talking point for friends and family, they offer a range of benefits you might not have thought of:


an icon with a planet and a leaf

They're greener and easier to maintain than a conventional roof

an icon with trees with the sun in the sky

They offer an interesting opportunity to add more biodiversity in your outdoor space by using different types of sedums

an icon of a house with a leaf inside

They offer vastly improved thermal performance, meaning they keep your home cool in the summer months and warm in the winter months







One of our objectives is to spread the word, and to help spearhead the growth of living roofs across the country

Whether you are looking for renovations or new builds in Hornchurch, please get in touch.

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