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Transforming homes and properties
across Essex and Kent

It's our mission and our passion to bring peoples' property dreams to life. We offer tailored home improvements, including garden rooms in Essex and Kent.

Some customers come to us looking to give their home a complete makeover, according to very specific mock-ups, while others are looking to transform a specific room and are open to ideas. We pride ourselves on our ability to give approach our all and cover every aspect of the project from design to completion.



You can trust our building experience

Across the depth and breadth of our experience as builders in Hornchurch, we can comfortably describe ourselves as both generalists and specialists. Our network of trusted suppliers, surveyors and architects leaves no stone unturned in the building process, no matter the size or complexity of your project.

At the same time, while we recognise the convenience that comes from offering these complementary services under one roof, we don't railroad our clients into one-size-fits-all packages.

 the landing of a house with wooden bannisters with glass panels



If you need home improvements or garden rooms in Essex then you've come to the right place.

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Refining new builds

We believe there's no single ‘right' way of going about the construction of a new property or making the best use of a room. Two different people will have two different ideas or visions when looking at an unfurnished room.

Between our vast experience in interior design and trusted contacts in the realm of architecture, Bayview Property Services the ideal choice when it comes to bringing ideas to life. If you're open to ideas then we're happy to provide. We have a knack for finding ways to bring a better quality of life to spaces by accounting for details you might have missed, like air flow and lighting.

Take a look at our portfolio of new builds.







Pioneering Living Roofs

Despite their steady growth in popularity as a sustainable option to traditional roofing, we've noticed that not many construction companies offer living roof installation services. This is a shame, because not only are they attractive and often transformative but they can help homeowners save money on energy while also helping the environment.

As one of our hallmark home improvements we've refined living roofs down to a science.

Our services cover the assessment of structural integrity, sourcing materials, drainage and fitting. View more details about this service here:

Our Living Roofs

 a living roof of wildflowers with solar panels integrated next to it





a grey cobble driveway in front of two garages in a building

Perfecting driveways

Over the years we've built up a trusted and capable team of driveway specialists.

Our approach is tailored to your starting point, the size of your property and the final look you're aiming for. We've handled big and small projects, from simply levelling and trowelling a footpath to excavating front gardens.

Our builders in Hornchurch particularly specialise in eco-friendly resin driveways, low-maintenance printed concrete and visually striking block driveways. We have a solution for every budget and look.

If you need a driveway installed, excavated or designed, get in touch, or view more of our services here:


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